The Scented Souq, offers a Haven of Niche and Arabian Fragrances, which hail from a very rich, opulent and near-romantic heritage. This is brought to you in celebration for the preservation of timeless fine fragrances

Come.  Discover your own Myth, Legend, Folktale, or fantasy.  Discover our fairytales through our perfectly exquisite fragrances.  Allow the scent to make you dream, allow the scent to create your own legend.  

"These fragrance oils are perfect for everyday wear, but unique at the same time and stand out more than the rest!  I love it!"

J. Mallory 

"I am in love with Khyber Hashish.  Its very smoky and green and quite different and lasts forever."

G. Nelson

"The oil came today smelling quite strong.  I didn't smell something like this before.  I appreciate." (Kashgar Silk)

H. Rousseau