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A Sneak Peak into the Future ;) The video above illustrates what our potential Ramadan Routine will be! :) :)  


What is YOUR potential Ramadan Routine?


RAMADAN IS NEARLY HERE!!!  Who is excited?!  I hope that everyone is excited as we are here, at The Scented Souq, for the coming of Ramadan! 

At the Scented Souq, we are busy lighting our lanterns and saturating the air with Bakhoor smoke!  Before we indulge in a relaxing shower, rubbing up a lather using soap from our Hammam Soap Set! Of course, the place is also overwhelmed with the scent of spices and rices, ready for the freezer, in time for the coming of Ramadan & our Iftar treats!

What does Ramadan mean?  Ramadan is the collectiveness of worship and the sacrifice of desires & a universal community of people fasting together!  This is the spirit of unity!  Lets celebrate this spirit of unity, with Rooh Al Ittihad - which actually happens to mean "The Spirit of Unity" in Arabic!

This scent has a beautiful tad sweetness to it - with the patchouli lingering around your shoulders like a delicate lace.  The musk notes of this woody scent, perfumes the air with its heavenly note, as everyone gathers together in union, for their Iftar in an Arabian summers night!

Why not make Rooh Al Ittihad a part of your Daily Ramadan Routine?

TODAYS TIP:  Wondering how to make fragrances on your skin last longer?  Use an unscented or fragrance-free body lotion or moisturising cream on your skin, before applying perfume! Once you have applied your perfume on top of the fragrance-free lotion, your perfume will last that much longer!  

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