Here, we introduce you to niche hand blended fragrance oil products, created by esteemed perfumer, Shaneela Rowah Al-Qamar.  Her aim when creating these blends was to keep in with the heritage of Arabia and Islamic traditions whilst creating essences to inspire those who would like to go on a unique fragrant journey.  

These fragrances are very potent and of excellent quality, where very little can go a long way.  The ouds used in these unique blends were picked for the best quality, at the best value, to provide you with a unique experience of a quality product.  These fragrance will capture your imagination, help you to create memories and will be a long lasting treasure for many years to come.  The longevity of these Attars assures the quality of the blends - keeping in with the Arabian and Islamic tradition of the Attar.  We are confident that you will enjoy these Attars for many years to come! To keep up-to-date with Shaneela Rowah Al-Qamar's work, you can view her regularly updated Blog Here.