The Fairytale


We celebrate Arabian fragrances are some of the most unique, the most traditional and treasured commodities in the world.  Hailing from a very rich, and opulent and near-romantic heritage, Arabian fragrances are timeless and continue on for generations and generations, through families and people of the Arabian world who pay homage to their rich tradition of fragrance.  In the Arabian world, fine fragrances are the epitome of hospitality, warmth and companionship and when only the very best in quality and individuality will do.  

The Arabian and Islamic worlds cherishes and devour their fine fragrances with passion and splendour – rekindling their traditions with images in the mind of the desert and the sunrise.  From the time of the Queen of Sheba who relished in fragrant commodities, through until today, the fragrance will always be treasured in the Arabian and Islamic worlds.  


With these fine fragrances coming from mostly natural sources, they bring the senses forth to transport you to a time and a place, which could be once upon a bygone time or the beauty of a sunset.  The fragrances contain a mystery, a myth and a legend – leaving you to dream on a dream through the imagination, transported through the awe of Arabian or oriental style fragrances.Our aim is to offer you affordable luxury fragrance products, and give you a taste of the orient through scent. 

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